Dynamic Inventory Retargeting

Dynamic Inventory Retargeting

Dynamic Inventory retargeting lets dealers personalize their entire inventory every ad impression they serve to advertisers by featuring products or content recently viewed or otherwise relevant to the car dealer’s website user. Most retargeting campaigns serve static ads.
  • The end result of this personalization is a 2-3x boost in click rates for dynamic ads over static ads.
  • Increase brand awareness and VDP Elead conversions
  • Retargeted customers are 4x more likely to submit a lead.
  • They 7x more likely to purchase your from your dealership.
The Problem

The Problem

Dynamic remarketing is a an effective automotive martech for dealers, but getting it properly implemented can present huge obstacles to resolve. Below are the 4 top challenges of dynamic inventory retargeting for auto dealers and how Dealer Martech offers the solution.

Daily generating an accurate vehicle inventory feed

Accurately tracking a shopper's browsing behavior (models & VINs viewed)

Vehicle Image Syncing and Display

Deeplinking to specific VIN/ Vehicle



Our proprietary dynamic Inventory retargeting platform Vin Beacon syncs your Inventory twice a day to both Facebook & Google. Your dealership's ads will be deeplinked to the specific vehicle your user visited and tracked via VIN. We use your dealership's information, photos, and price for high impact landing page ad scent.

The Result of Our Work

Our dealers seen a dramatic increase in low funnel conversions due to their dynamic inventory targeting campaigns.

  • Increased & Trackable ROI
  • 100% Transparency 
  • Works on both Facebook & Google
17.19% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI