Dynamic Inventory Retargeting
Vin Beacon™ let's dealers personalize and retarget their entire inventory.
Dynamic Inventory Retargeting for dealerships
Facebook™ Advertising for car dealers
An effective Facebook™ advertising strategy can help you grow your dealership's monthly sales, maintain your social presence and engage with your audience.
Facebook Advertising for Car Dealers
We're a Google Partner
Adwords™ has an instant impact and gives your dealership a much larger reach and exposure as a result. As a Google Partner, Google backs are expertise in this area.
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Our automotive digital marketing services are tailored to the unique needs of each audience and brand objective, ensuring improved sales.

  • Take your dealership's digital presence to the next level. 
  • 100% Transparent.
  • We approach your needs with insight-rich strategy, brilliant creative, and intelligent. technology to exceed expectations and keep your audience engaged.
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Dynamic Inventory Retargeting

Dynamic inventory retargeting helps dealer showcase inventory, Increase sales, and minimize ad spend. Contact your Dealer Martech digital rep to see how dynamic inventory retargeting can help your dealership.

Happy Dealers = Happy Us

"We saw an almost immediate increase in sales after starting with Dealer Martech. We couldn't be happier in the results."
Chris Q
General Manager
Chris Q
"Having worked with them for quite some time, I can tell you that this company knows its stuff! The knowledge of social media and how to make it work with our dealership has helped us immensely. Thank you Dealer Martech for all the additional business you have sent our way. You guys are the best!"
D. Manis
General Manager
D. Manis
"Shawn and his team is a pleasure to work with. I can always go to him for the real story when our mutual client has a technical issue, and he goes out of his way to explain the issue in detail and help troubleshoot. They are always available and ready to help, and that's something I can appreciate when our client needs something done yesterday."
Ashley G
Automotive Website Provider Rep
Ashley G